Executive Mentoring

Executive Mentoring with UKMentor is personal support for Business Owners – CEOs and Leaders. Executive Mentoring helps you become highly effective, you need to:

  • Avoid acting alone
  • Prevent isolation
  • Build trusted relationships
  • Not feel that it is solely your burden to shoulder
  • Engage confidentially with an Executive Mentor

Why start Executive Mentoring with UKMentor.

Your UKMentor has belief in you and the experience to help you overcome your obstacles, sharing the lessons that we have learned and avoiding costly mistakes.

Your UKMentor will ;

  • Listen confidentially
  • Share experience
  • Give expert guidance
  • Keep you on track

UK Mentor provides that friend, the Mentor, the extra brain, the extra team member, your Executive buddy, quickly and exactly when you want them.

How do we start the UKMentor partnership with you?

  1. Confidential Call – A first expression of your needs and exchange of views. A chance to explore options.
  2. Discovery – The gathering of information about you and the Business to create a mutual understanding of the current situation and to identify where you would like to be personally and Business wise in the future. (This can be a mixture of remote, virtual and physical exchange of information).
  3. Prioritise – Hone in on any key barriers to overcome and set a timetable to remove them.
  4. Share the Journey – Structure regular discussions and meetings to formalise a programme of progress to achieve your success.
  5. Review – A periodic check on your Partnership with UKMentor. It’s all about you – You decide if you want to change anything.

Smash those barriers now – Share the load – Book your call Here Now.