About Us

UKMentor is a Business Transformation Consultancy, we root out the problems that can damage your business and we unleash high impact productive forces for you.

A message of thanks to Will Westley;

“There are many people who pass through our lives without trace and there are just a few who fundamentally leave their mark.

You have left your mark with me and as a result I have the opportunity of a new beginning.”

… I am both pleased and proud to have met you

A.W., Managing Director, Airport Services (Manufacturing)

“Our success comes from quickly making real life decisions. When you are under pressure you need the problem sorted. We get straight to the root cause and show you how to solve it and get to solid ground again. If you want we’ll do it for you.

We are the Turnaround Specialists that have the experience of rescuing businesses and giving Business Owners peace of mind.

We also have the connections to providers of Finance for Turnaround, which combined with our services can make all the difference to your success.” says Will Westley – UKMentor.

The most common comment from Customers about UKMentor?

“I wish we had got you in sooner … !”

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